Headup Games Gives Release Details for Three Switch eShop Titles

HeadUp Games is a company that became familiar to Nintendo gamers through its Wii U eShop title Typoman, but since then it’s been building a substantial library as a publisher. In helping Indies of various sizes release their titles, HeadUp Games has lined up a fair bit of content for Nintendo Switch. We already know about its plans for The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ in Europe, but there’s more to come.

Let’s take them in order.

Slime-san – August

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Already released on PC and with DLC inbound, this looks like an intriguing title that’ll be a good match for the Nintendo Switch. Stylish, potentially challenging and with scope for customisation and switching up gameplay, we’re keen to see how this turns out on the eShop.

Earth Atlantis – Q3 2017

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Previously announced and now given a release window. Looking a lot like the classic arcade blaster In The Hunt, Earth Atlantis places you in a world where the majority of the planet’s surface is covered in wet stuff. There are plenty of enemies to take down, as well as 15 giant monsters to seek out and destroy.

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